Mahi Music

Mahi Music is not only a company name you are reading here. Its a feeling of a music composer - "Mr. Sanjeet Tanha (Founder of Mahi Music) who discovered this name from the core of his heart. Company established on the basis of many of years of experience of contributing skills for other music company like - Kiran Music, Sai Cassettes, Super Golden, VeeGee Audio, etc..

Mr. Sanjeet Tanha is a man of music and very much known name in Bhojpuri Music World. He has done his music courses in Classis and also having experience of music recording which he grabed from Patna, Bihar. His special contribution in composing songs for bhojpuri singers are one of the best examples of his experience. After spending more than 10 years in music industries and after lot of contribution to other music companies, Mr. Sanjeet Tanha has decided to become familiar to people who love them lots.

Mahi Music is like a dream comes true for Mr. Sanjeet Tanha. Company is legally registered in the panel of Government with the promise of serving interesting and heart touching songs for music lovers. As the time will change, company will also grow up with millions of colourful songs.